We assumed it’s not all fun and games and ogling Veronica Vaughn, but we wanted to know more. So our Personal Experience team talked to three members of this insanely underappreciated profession: Jay, Mike, and Adam. They told us the following:
  1. Students abuse drivers.
    I have a coworker who is absolutely gorgeous," Jay says, "and while she is tough, she had to give up her after-school route because the high school students were sexually harassing her. Things like loudly imagining what it would be like if she sucked this kid's dick, or straight-up propositioning her for sex." A driver's only recourse is a form they can write up which causes the student to lose bus privileges for up to three weeks, but one parent fit puts the kid back on the bus the next day.
  2. Drivers are unfireable.
    "I know several drivers who run the same red lights every day, or speed in excess of 10 miles over the limit," Jay told us. "There's a huge shortage of drivers across the country, and they're desperate to keep people on, no matter what they do. Leave a student on the bus after going home for the day? Still working. Crash into a house? Still working. Sexually harass employees? Still driving."
  3. Buses see tons of action.
    "Last year, we had two kids who were boyfriend and girlfriend orally pleasing each other, to put it kindly," Adam says. "There was even a camera on them! They'd put a blanket over themselves, and on the camera, you can see how suddenly her head just went down ..." Not that adults are any better. "One time, I was driving for a high school reunion and taking the people home after," Mike says. "Everyone was drunk, and I just looked up and managed to see this one woman's ankles atop the seat..."
  4. Drivers legally can't help in medical emergencies.
    "We've had entire training sessions devoted to telling us how to react in an emergency, and it's basically: Don't touch the kids for any reason, including them choking or having a seizure ... I've heard people on the radio absolutely panicking because a kid is bleeding profusely or having an allergic reaction, and they're just told to get to the school as quickly as they can, or home if they're closer."
  5. Kids have a death wish.
    "Kids have thrown things from the back which hit the windshield and smacked me in the face," Mike said. "You try to explain to them 'Hey, we could have died,' and they just don't get it. They just think they were funny. 'Yeah, we hit the bus driver.'"