When you're talking about a country that's routinely mocked for being nice, the last thing you expect to hear about is shit like ... (Click Link For Full Article and Podcast)
  1. The Saskatoon Freezing Deaths (aka "Starlight Tours")
    Darrell Night, a member of the Cree Nation, was picked up by two Saskatoon police officers (both white) after a drunken argument at his uncle's apartment got out of hand. He expected to be taken to the town drunk tank to sleep off his buzz. Instead, Night was driven three miles out of town, removed from the vehicle, had his head slammed against the hood, his handcuffs removed, and was told to walk back. He was wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a denim jacket. In January. At night. In Canada.
  2. The Pro Football Player Forced to Retire After Being Beaten by Police and Framed for Cocaine Possession
    Bowen immediately realized he was dealing with police, so he froze, assuming it was all a misunderstanding. I guess in some sense of the word he was correct about that, but it's unlikely he took "misunderstanding" to mean he was about to be severely beaten and subsequently arrested for assaulting a police officer. As he sat in a holding cell, he was notified that a charge of cocaine possession had been tacked on as well, which must have come as a shock, considering he didn't have drugs on him.
  3. The Niagara Regional Police Service Steroid Scandal
    A 54-year-old man named Roy Atkinson was having a few drinks when he noticed a huge problem -- there was a 3-year-old girl sitting at the bar. He asked the bartender about it and as you've likely predicted, the father of that rogue child was Purdie, and he was at the bar as well, conveniently enough. Upon hearing Atkinson's protests, Purdie flashed his badge briefly before knocking Atkinson off his bar stool, dragging him outside and beating him viciously.
  4. That Time Terrace Police Cranked Out Two of the Most Heinous Brutality Videos Ever in Less Than a Week
    In the first video, Robert Wright, who'd been taken into custody for drunk driving, can be seen kneeling handcuffed on a concrete bench in a holding cell, when he's snatched from behind by Constable Brian Heideman and slammed to the floor.
  5. The Teen Who Died After Being Shot Nine Times (and Tasered) on a Toronto Streetcar
    Forcillo warned Yatim that if he took one more step he'd be shot. Yatim did literally just that: he took one step. With that, Forcillo unloaded three shots into the teen, who then, it appears, crumpled to the ground. At that point, what Forcillo had done could already be construed as a bit excessive. He wasn't done, either. After a several-second break in the action, Forcillo inexplicably unloaded six more shots into the allegedly already immobilized body of Yatim.