Every so often, we like to take a break from writing too many words about superheroes and let some of our friends take over for a little while. This week, we've got another installment from the wonderful folks over at Texts from Superheroes. Check out more here: http://goo.gl/8k8wyY
  1. Ironman
    35da0005 b7e6 42ef af59 3a6151511cc5
  2. Batman
    20987def f820 4d58 b938 450eb3ea17f9
    (DC Comics)
  3. Superman
    5a2a4ada ec6f 4d15 8133 c8a28fc86f5b
    (DC Comics)
  4. Avengers
    Bf9fa849 8207 4626 af49 b31bbc3be1e0
  5. Black Widow
    F1811018 3c57 4628 b479 b83ebb5b4829
  6. Nick Fury
    2d11a16c eb81 4225 99aa f5a914793444
  7. Batman
    De8465c9 bebb 4afd af59 64d7f78935b0
    (DC Comics)
  8. Superman & Spiderman
    20ad4416 9e20 46f5 b596 0ecbb93d9a94
    (We're not going to hold your hand through this one. You can figure it out.)