When we run articles pointing out details that would more or less "break" a movie, we understand and accept the simple counterargument that without these idiosyncrasies, there would be no movie. But we don't care. This is our thing. Suck it. (click for full article.) goo.gl/oHRcYf
  1. Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice -- Why Don't They Give The Kryptonite Spear To Wonder Woman?
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    Wait ... couldn't Superman have done anything else with the spear? The dude can throw objects into space, and it never dawned on him to try tossing the spear at Doomsday? Also, why did Superman -- the only one of the three affected by Kryptonite -- have to be the one to stab Doomsday?
  2. Jurassic World -- Did Everyone Forget To Put Stun Implants In The Pterodactyls?
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    The genetically engineered Murdersaurus is only a danger because the Jurassic World scientists -- who, again, hate life harder than Jean Paul Sartre -- made it hyper-intelligent, so the first thing it does is remove said implant, rendering the humans unable to locate or disable it. But the pterodactyls couldn't have removed theirs, because they're goddamn idiot bird monsters.
  3. The Little Mermaid -- Write A Note, Ariel
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    Ariel can't talk, sure, but she CAN apparently write, and in English at that. We know this because she signs her name on Ursula's contract. So ... what the hell?
  4. Back To The Future -- Why Doesn't Marty Give Himself More Than 10 MINUTES To Save Doc?
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    All Marty had to do was show up an hour earlier (or literally any other time), and explain the very straightforward situation to Doc: "They'll shoot you 40 times. Use a different parking lot."