We all know that, even with list in hand, the minute you walk into a store your plan goes to hell. There's a reason for that, and if you follow this link you’ll get the full terrifying truth: http://goo.gl/H9rLYh
  1. Cereal mascot hypnotism.
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    The mascot's eyes are designed with eyes looking downward, to catch children's eyes in the store.
  2. Ugly clearance racks.
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    They're messy in order to make getting a deal unpleasant. And they're all the way in the back of the store so you have to look at the full-price merchandise first.
  3. Tantalizing round stuff.
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    Round displays and packaging make you more likely to buy items. And rounded aisle designs in stores result in a 15% increase in sales.
  4. Per-customer limits.
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    They trick you into thinking products are scarce, which motivates you to buy.
  5. Flowers up front.
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    Putting flowers at the front of a grocery store makes you think all the food within is fresh as a daisy.
  6. Messy aisles.
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    Junk in your way forces you to linger, which forces you to examine everything in the aisle for more time, which tricks you into buying as much stuff as possible.
  7. "Door busters" that are straight-up lies.
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    In 2010, an Alabama Wal-Mart didn't stock ANY of the Xbox systems it advertised as its Black Friday special.