TV show finales are never what we want them to be, but some endings are so bad that we wonder if the creators were actually the demon spawn of J.J Abrams and M. Night Shyamalan sent from the future to ruin television forever:
  1. The X-Files Brought Mulder Back ... Then Instantly Threw Him In Jail
    Lets take the best character of the series, throw him in jail, and spend the rest of the episode interrogating him in a basement. Not enough action for you? How about half the episode is told in flashbacks to previous episodes just in case you needed a reminder of how much time you've wasted waiting for resolution to the story.
  2. Quantum Leap Doomed The Hero With A Hastily Thrown Together Title Card
    The episode wasn't written as a series finale, but when the word came down that the show wouldn't be coming back, the producers employed what's known in the business as the "Poochie died on his way back to his home planet" tactic: They slapped a title card on the end explaining that Sam never made it home, but they might as well have included "Thanks for watching, assholes!"
  3. The Star Trek: Enterprise Finale Was Basically An Episode Of Another Show
    For the finale, the series bizarrely flash-forwarded to the Star Trek: The Next Generation era, where a continuity-ruiningly portly Commander Riker runs a holodeck simulation to help him through a crisis of conscience. A simulation of what? Why, the first Enterprise crew, of course. So we see a story concluding all the Enterprise plotlines, but with Riker awkwardly skulking around like an invisible third wheel.
  4. Charlie's Angels Ended With An Extended Hospital Visit
    The episode has no side plot or adventure. The other Angels do nothing but wait in a hospital to see if Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) is going to die from a bullet wound she incurred in the opening sequence. Cue the abundant flashbacks to other episodes. It's depressing in every sense.
  5. Battlestar Galactica Has A Legacy Of Shitty Endings
    Seven-year-old spoiler alert: The most recent incarnation of Battlestar Galactica ended in the most WTF way possible. That is, with one of the characters as an angel, others as robots, and Bob Dylan as some kind of immortal space god or something. As it turns out, the show never had much of a chance, since all iterations of Battlestar are destined to have frustratingly shitty finales.
  6. Mork & Mindy End Up Lost In Time Forever
    It's impossible to explain the events leading up to Mork and Mindy lost in time, caught in a swirling tunnel of nothingness, relentlessly pursued by a gun-wielding maniac in such a small blurb or why a situational comedy would deem this a suitable ending. But here we are.
  7. Smallville: We Never Even Got To See Superman
    At the end of the episode, we flash-forward to when Clark is working for The Daily Planet. It seems as though we're finally going to get to see Superman after ten years of watching a Superman show. Clark runs up to the roof of the building, rips open his shirt and ... the series ends.