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  1. Stupidity in 'Fallout'!
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    If you give your 'New Vegas' character a low enough I.Q., their dialogue turns into something like Tonto having a chat with Frankenstein's Monster.
  2. 'Uncharted 3' prophecies!
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    One room contains a discarded Guardian-style newspaper...with a warning that the characters are going to die.
  3. Bambi in 'WoW'!
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    It's "Bambina", technically, and every now and then a hunter will shoot his mother.
  4. Ben Franklin in 'AC3'!
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    Track him down to learn his (historically accurate) tips on sex with older women.
  5. Atari in 'COD'!
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    In 'Black Ops II' there's a hidden cache of everything from 'H.E.R.O.' to 'River Raid'.
  6. More 'FF9' secrets!
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    13 years after the game's release, a 'Final Fantasy IX' player found a secret quest chain of incredible pointlessness.