And these are just the tip of the spooky iceberg, so tap for more:
  1. Gators were everywhere.
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    In 1907, an alligator park where you could just walk right up to the gators opened in California, because people had only like a 50-50 shot of living to old age anyway and figured they might as well live (in the face of reptiles that could rip them to pieces) a little.
  2. Easter was evil.
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    In the old days, every holiday was about horror. Those children know full well that this 1950 Easter bunny has no intention of returning them to their family or their former state of youthful innocence.
  3. Freckles were illegal.
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    Or at least they must have been, because these are the lengths a doctor went to in order to freeze freckles off a young woman's face.
  4. Nurses made babies into cyborgs.
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    For decades ultraviolet light therapy was used on children who had various old-timey illnesses, because 1928 London was even grayer and gloomier than the sacrificial ritual it looks like they're preparing that child for.
  5. The zoo deflated animals.
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    Holy shit, how big of a steamroller do you have to build before you can crush an entire elephant? OK, fine, that's not what happened, but those staff members of the American Museum of Natural History sure went out of their way to make it look like that's the case. They're cleaning the museum's elephant skin on a beautiful day in 1933, because back then we didn't view elephants as a majestic endangered species so much as a mobile source of ivory for fancy snuff boxes.