Zombies moan all of the damn time, so it can be difficult for him to communicate when things are getting hot and heavy. Here are some sure signs that your zombie boy toy is into it.
  1. Look into his zombie eyes (if he still has eyes), are they rolling back? Or are they glossed over and fixed? The first is the one you want, I think.
  2. What's happening with his zombie hands? Are they just clawing at you, or is he clutching his palms? Clutching is good.
  3. Does his head roll back? This doesn't mean anything, they do that all the time.
  4. When he moans, is his mouth making an O shape or just gnawing around? Remember, O means "O babe, yeah!"
  5. They can flare their nostrils when aroused. Nobody knows this but it's a fact that I heard one time.
  6. There you have it! Remember, this only works with man zombies. Women zombies are literally impossible to figure out.