Things that automatically make you #squadgoals

  1. If you're there for good times and bad
    It doesn't matter how long you've known someone. If you're always there, you're perfect.
  2. Understand all of my Spongebob References
    If I say "no the lid" when you're grabbing anything and you start feeling up the object to find the lid you're the best. But if you get a sandwich with pickles and say "you forgot the pickles' you're #squadgoals for life.
  3. Try to dance out Dirty Dancing
    I know we don't all have great moves but its even better if you can't dance. (This does not include any couple who attempts to do the final dance at your wedding and stinks at it. Do us all a favor and just stop).
  4. Read my mind
    If we say something at the same time it deserves a ring touch and "mermaidman and barnacleboy unite!"
  5. Squirrels
    Need I say more?