I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but these are things I've been thinking about for a while.
  1. Take care of my body:
  2. Eat better
  3. Sleep better
  4. Get back to a regular exercise schedule
  5. Love my body for what it is instead of hating it for what it is not
  6. Take care of my soul :
  7. Spend more time with God
  8. Serve others
  9. Step away from social media
  10. Do something creative each day
  11. Take care of the people I love:
  12. Put down my phone and be present
  13. Say yes...to my husband who wants to watch a movie when it's almost my bed time, to my 5 yo who wants to go to the park, to my 18 (who goes to college in August) who wants me to go to the store with him