For iOS, mostly
  1. Medium
    Where everyone is a writer...
  2. Round
    Great vitamin/medicine reminder
  3. Grid Diary
    Everything I wanted in a journaling app including Evernote integration
  4. Evernote
    Once incredibly underutilized by me but now understanding how it can make my life easier
  5. Scannable
    Wish I knew about this app when I had pages and pages of Explanation of Benefits from the insurance company to scan. Now helping me to get rid of the paper clutter called receipts!
  6. G.board
    One-handed typing and Google integration?! Yes, please. Made me delete Microsoft's Wordflow!
  7. Dashlane
    Password manager that allows me to not have to think hard to come up with passwords. Also, excellent for client work.
  8. Flat Tomato
    Pomodoro technique. At least gets me to start those tasks I keep procrastinating on.
  9. Stand-Up!
    Reminds me to stand up when I'm at the office (time and location-based) at intervals I choose.
  10. Pic Collage
    Upgraded to get rid of the watermark but found I was using it often enough to justify doing so. Great for direct sales reps.
  11. Calendars 5
    Everything I wanted in a calendar! I still keep Google calendar installed too but Calendars 5 is much more intuitive to navigate.
  12. Swipes app
    To do list with great mobile device interaction and can hide ones based on their type of "workspace" so you don't get too distracted or overwhelmed. Their web app is not as intuitive.
  13. HoursTracker
    Automatically clocks me in when I arrive at my office and clocks me out when I leave based off my location. Saves my rate, can add breaks, and can show it to me by pay periods I define. I only wish for third-party integration.