Celebrity Crushes

  1. Hannah Hart
    Oh Hannah. She was my first baby lesbian crush and is my current style icon. I feel like she's gotten me through so much. Plus she's seriously adorable and hilarious.
  2. Taylor Swift
    It's the red lipstick and blonde hair ok? Plus I like her music. She's just too cute and hot.
  3. Amanda Seyfried
    She's beautiful, and can sing beautifully. Enough said.
  4. Katy Perry
    When she's more toned down, she's so pretty. I've always loved her cool attitude and music.
  5. Mindy Kaling
    I've been watching a lot of The Mindy Project lately and I think she's adorable. @mindy
  6. Miley Cyrus
    I like her vibe lately, coming out as pansexual and having a "I don't care attitude."