I've been trying to get it under control lately, so let's reflect on why anxiety is so debilitating. Many people suffer from it, but they don't always speak up about it.
  1. Minor tasks are major worries
    Getting my oil changed sends me into catastrophic thinking, calling my doctor is terrifying and traveling to a new place in my city can send me into a mild panic.
  2. The worst case scenario is always around the corner...
    ...in my mind at least.
  3. My stomach often hurts
    Because it gets tense and upset from the adrenaline. Likewise, I can shake, cry or my heart will race.
  4. Big stressors usually trigger a migraine
    Big stressful events or prolonged exposure to stress almost always triggers a migraine in me. Usually caused by neck tension and poor sleeping.
  5. Drinking coffee is a no go
    It's too risky because it can send me into an anxiety attack. It's a shame because I love the taste.
  6. Anxiety attacks feel like the world is caving in
    I cannot focus or talk myself out of my worries. I'm on edge for hours and sleep is the best coping strategy I've found.