1. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
    My favorite movie of all time.. Period!
  2. Raiders Of The Lost Arc
  3. The Shadow
  4. Mortal Kombat 1
    Forget numbah 2!
  5. Ghostbusters 1
  6. Groundhog Day
  7. Robin Hood Prince Of Theves
  8. The Thomas Crown Affair
    Pierce Brosnan Version
  9. Dragonheart
    I always cry at the end lol
  10. Troy
  11. Gladiator
  12. Kingdom Of Heaven
  13. The Last Samurai
  14. Robin Hood
    Russel Crowe Version
  15. Clash Of The Titans
    The Original
  16. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
  17. Anchorman
  18. Hot Rod
  19. Rat Race
    Great up until smash mouth
  20. You Dont Mess With The Zohan
    This movie is rediculously funny!