1. Brunch after a fabulous night out
  2. Waking up next to someone new that you may actually like
  3. Kissing
  4. Pleasant surprises
  5. Coming home to a clean house
  6. Discovering a great yoga class
  7. Being understood
  8. Returning renewed after a vacation
  9. Poetry
  10. Ripped jeans
  11. Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio
  12. Muscle tee's and sports bra's
  13. Marlboro reds on a cold day
  14. Long workouts
  15. Hair that smells like coconuts
  16. Dreary days on the beach
  17. Satisfying a craving
  18. Champagne
  19. That feeing of accomplishment after completing a daunting task
  20. Riding in the passenger seat of a fast car
  21. Boys with thick hair
  22. Nights that unexpectedly become unforgettable
  23. Long legged vixen's
  24. When my waves fall perfectly
  25. Holding hands with the perfect man
  26. Treadmills on incline
  27. When my butt looks like it's wearing s push up bra
  28. Soft lips
  29. Having everything scheduled
  30. Being focused