Concert Photos on My Phone

I have a lot of these sitting in my camera roll. It's about time I start labeling them and jotting down a bit about each one. Not an inclusive list of everything I've ever seen, but more a fun memory exercise. I'll keep adding new pix as I dig further into my camera roll.
  1. Magic Windows @ Antje Öklesund
    First show as an official resident in Berlin! That only took 9 days. Sadly, this venue is on the chopping block - to be replaced with fancy condos.
  2. Battles @ Rote Fabrik
    Last show I saw before moving out of Zürich. I was afraid the show would be packed and I wouldn't be able to see anything. Instead, got to walk right to the front and get this great shot.
  3. Savages @ Dynamo
    So good - and they're way better in a small room than on a big festival stage (I saw them before at 2 different outdoor venues).
  4. Django Django @ Rote Fabrik
    I forgot how tall Swiss dudes are, and this was a dude-heavy show. The only reason I got a clear shot of the stage was because the band ordered everyone to crouch to the floor during one of their songs. This was the only time I could actually see the stage.
  5. Hot Chip @ Zurich Open Air
    I love that their touring drummer is a lady. I love lady drummers.
  6. Parrot to the Moon @ Ono Club, Bern
    I met one of the band members in May 2014, right after I moved to Zurich. We were both on a train heading to a music festival in the middle of the Swiss countryside. He mentioned he was in a band and I secretly groaned, since I was afraid that the band would suck and I'd have to say fake nice things about them. But his band is actually pretty good, so a year later. I schlepped out to Bern (where they're based) to see them.
  7. Sleater-Kinney @ Huxley's Neue Welt, Berlin
    Some of my rock idols. I've seen these ladies many times over the past 15 years in NYC and SF, and was psyched when they announced they were getting the band back together and touring Europe. But they didn't include Zurich on their itinerary, so I decided to see them in Berlin instead.
  8. Ex Hex @ Hafenkniepe
    Another band (or rather, singer) that I've been following for years: I've seen Mary Timony perform in Helium, the Soft Power, Wild Flag, the Mary Timony band, solo, and now as the Ex Hex (also, confusingly, the name of the Soft Power's LP. Not to be confused with the xx).
  9. Elliphant @ Mascotte.
    My pregnant boss dragged me to this show. Then she tried to twerk. We were almost the oldest people in the audience, until I noticed a mid-40s dad accompanying his teenage daughter to the show. Not sure who was feeling more awkward: him or us.
  10. Health @ Kaufleuten
    They opened for Interpol. What a weird lineup. On my way out of the show, I stopped by the merch booth and congratulated the guys on a great set. John looked surprised and said "wow, your English is really great!"
  11. Interpol @ Kaufleuten
    Sometimes shows at Kaufleuten begin at really odd hours. The doors for the gig opened at 6pm on a Saturday, show started at 6:30. We were out of the venue by 10pm. I was disappointed that they didn't play PDA (my favorite track).
  12. Mogwai @ Clockenflap Festival, Hong Kong
    I was in Hong Kong in November and got a 1-day pass for this festival. Mogwai ended their set with an awesome version of "Glasgow Mega Snake." Saw CHVRCHES as well. Afterwards, we went to the bar on the 118th floor of the Ritz (behind the festival grounds) for a gin & tonic.
  13. Sage Francis @ Rote Fabrik
    What a lovely weirdo.
  14. A$AP Mob @ Komplex 457
    This show was on Halloween and i was mostly here for the crowd watching. What kinds of people attend a hip hop show in Zurich? Teenagers.
  15. Caribou @ Komplex 457
    Got off a flight from SF, went to this show 5 hours later. They played Bowls!
  16. Wild Flag @ the Rickshaw Stop
    Came back to SF for Micah and Kate's wedding and this show. Speedy Ortiz opened. Dan let me stand on the bar so I could see the stage.
  17. Sylvan Esso @ Stall 6
    Got off a plane and headed straight to the venue. Her voice is stunning.
  18. Bloody Beetroots @ Zurich Open Air
    Didn't think I would dig this band. The the lead singer started doing crazy flying leaps around the stage.
  19. Richie Hawtin @ Zurich Open Air
    First time seeing him. Ironic that I came all the way to Zurich to see a dude from Detroit (who now lives in Berlin).