on the days when I feel outnumbered by the four small children living in my home
  1. Imagine learning that everyone in my family just died in a car crash (except me).
    That puts everything in perspective really fast.
  2. Have a one minute pity party in the kitchen with my husband.
    This indulgent 60 seconds is one of glorious unbridled, unedited whining and complaining. The only catch is that when time's up, the whine-fest must come to an abrupt stop.
  3. Go on a walk around the block, holding hands with whichever child is annoying me the least.
  4. Drink a glass of wine in the bathtub.
  5. Ask myself, "How do I want my children to describe me to their friends?"
  6. Disappear into the bedroom without telling anyone and take a nap.
    Obviously this only works when another grown-up is around to supervise the littles.