I clearly spend too many hours driving on Southern Californian freeways.
  1. The average divorce costs $27,000.
  2. I should prepare myself for the possibility of one day meeting a pregnant trans-man: a transgendered person who presents as male, but possesses female anatomy such that he may carry a child.
  3. Nazi POWs were put to work in every state except for Vermont during WWII. Many of them served as potato farmers.
  4. Starlee Kine is adorable.
  5. Though we mostly talk of evolution in a way that suggests organisms evolve into greater complexity, sometimes things evolve to become less complex.
  6. It might not be such a bad idea to let kiddos experiment with their food.
    Which is why I allowed my three-year old to serve himself Pirate's Booty in a bowl of milk for breakfast today.