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Because we still need poetry today.
After learning that in Feb 2017 there will be an exhibition of Princess Diana's clothes at Kensington Palace, I spent some time in 80s and 90s fashion nostalgia with the elegant and timeless style of beautiful Princess Di. Here are some of my favorite gowns she wore :)
The Romanian blouse has its origins in the peasant folk culture of Romania. For hundreds of years and up to the present day, women in villages throughout the region have spent hours designing and embroidering blouses with intricate patterns and vibrant colors.
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    The blouse is traditionally worn with a striped belt along the waist, a floral decorated apron, and a likewise decorated head scarf.
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    These days many women are wearing the blouse in a variety of ways to express their individual style identities.
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    A family in traditional Romanian folk wear, early 20th c.
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  1. Madame Louise, 1748
  2. Madame Pompadour, 1750
  3. Louise Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun, 1782
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