Inspired by @xtineengels
  1. Waking up early
  2. Keeping up with the whole group of friends
    I just really really care about 3
  3. Doing things I don't want to
  4. Cleaning my room
    The rest of the house? No problem...
  5. Being a sister
    Maybe it's me, maybe it's him but we don't have the greatest relationship
  6. Life
    I just let things be and see what happens... Wish o had plans or something
  7. Remembering my cousin
    The whole family does it... We love him! We do! But in six years we haven't remembered his birthday, sometimes we forget he is coming and sometimes we forget to tell him we are going away... He's come every single weekend for 6 years...
  8. Telling how I feel
    I can do things to show it but will never say it
  9. Kids
    I just can't...
  10. Letting people go
    I can forgive so many times and I just don't know when to stop
  11. Sales
    The part I hate about my work
  12. Style
    Always watch trends... Never do them
  13. Plants
    I just kill them 😭
  14. Driving
    I don't
  15. Walking
    I fall and trip and crash