Inspired by @joemurphy and a lot of others! Harder than I realized!
  1. Baking
    And decorating the things I bake
  2. Singing
    Maybe is more that I do it so happy
  3. Spelling
    At least in Spanish
  4. Repair things
  5. Sleeping late
    It's a weird thing if I'm up before 10
  6. Cooking
    Only if it for family and friends
  7. Loving people
    I won't say it but if I do I will do everything a can to make you happy!
  8. Forgive anyone
    You could kill my entire family and I'd still find a way... This one can be crappy to
  9. Being responsible
    If I say I will be there o do something I do it! It's more for other people... Not my things
  10. Procrastinating
    With the things that only involve me! Don't know why... I'm weird
  11. I'm a good daughter
    Never gave my parents a hard time
  12. A good friend
    To like 3 people but still counts
  13. Birthdays
    I always remember one and do a special cake and if I can afford it give an amazing gift... And I make sure the people around are aware
  14. Loving my dogs!! ❤️
    The best! And they love me back! Jaja
  15. Trusting people
    Kinda goes with loving and forgiving