1. I LOVE anything with lavender
    But only to eat, not to smell
  2. Right now my favorite show is legion
    Nos tomorrow is a close second, I know they're really different but that's me 🤓
  3. 🤓 my favorite emoji
  4. I love having my nails all pretty but that almost never happens
    Cause you don't wanna eat nail polish!
  5. 80% of the time I'm wearing a dress
    If I'm not it's probably cause I'm working
  6. I kinda play the piano but not really
    And it's only for fun, I don't do it in public (anymore) so I don't care that I'm the best
  7. One of the first things I saw here was a list about real Mexican food you have to try
    I don't remember who did it but it was a huge thing for me so her I am!