Now that I'm more active here I think it's about time!
  1. My name it Cristina
    And everyone calls me cris, some people call me Celis (my last name) but that's really for my brother
  2. I'm 25
  3. I have two dogs!
    And it's surprising that I haven't made lists about them! And that at this moment I don't have photos of them
  4. Currently I'm what you could call a "housedaughter"
    I finished college, I worked for a while but not at something that a loved! So for now I'm cooking and cleaning at my house and taking pastry courses, the plan is to open a bakery next year
  5. I'm Mexican an proud!!!
    In spite of everything going on...
  6. I have two tattoos
    A cacao flower and a symbol I made that is inspired by some Mayan concepts... they are in the same arm
  7. One of my last names is Mayan
    And it's a huge part of me
  8. I'm a Christian
    And I'm really involved at my church but I'm not the type that apparently hates everything for meit's all about the love ❤️
  9. I love music!
    Not very talented but still... I sing all the time and try to play the piano
  10. If you give me a book I will love you forever!
  11. I'm very friendly but only if I know you a bit
    Otherwise I'm not and you will think I hate you