It was a bad year... yes... but there are some moments that I just love!
  1. Dad's new job
    He had to move to another state because of it but he REALLY wanted it and now he is the happiest! He always sends us photos and stuff
  2. Brother's concert
    It was a massive concert, he was so proud! And he got to play with famous Mexican musicians
    You guys!!!! You are the best!!! I'm so happy I found this app! @Jaycer17 @Heartsounds @Cheezit1970 @Boogie you guys made feel so welcome and always have the nicest things to say!
  4. Listers support
    you guys really made me feel better about things! Thanks!! ( I'm leaving my church 💔 )
  5. Chocolate business! 🍫
    With two friends from college and I'm really exited even though it's very early; I really thing we got something
  6. My friend Irene!
    I've known her for more than 10 years but this year we really reconnected and discovered that our lives are really similar! ❤