1. Static
  2. He is the oldest of 6 sons
    And when his dad passed he helped them all get by
  3. Everyone thought he would be a pastor, but he decided to be a doctor
    But he took a year of from college to go to a seminar in Argentina
  4. He was there with my moms brother, and he told him he would marry her
    They weren't even together at that time, but they knew each other since they had 10 years
  5. He came back and after a while they got married
    And even if they didn't want to the whole thing was huge
  6. He moved us to Baltimore because he went to get his masters at Johns Hopkins
    And he didn't want to spend that much time apart from us
  7. He wanted to get his phD there but he didn't got in or something
    I don't really know and he doesn't talk about it
  8. He has worked really really hard his whole life
    He got my brother and me through private college even when here we have "free" ones
  9. He has always supported my mom on everything
  10. He moved to another state to be the director of a small speciality clinic
    And cause I'm daddy's girl that was really hard for me but it's ok... he really wanted something like that
  11. On Friday night he finally got his phD!
    And I'm so proud!! And he was really really happy
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. ❤️❤️❤️❤️