1. I haven't worked in almost a year
    Mostly because I don't want but also I haven't found I job that I truly love
  2. Today I've been offered three jobs
    Well, two and a partnership
  3. One I will definitely not take
    They called me because I'm bilingual, I would talk on the phone the whole day
  4. The other one i would maybe take it since I've had a hard time working at restaurants
    I asked the guy if we could talk next week since I'm a bit occupied with some cakes and cookies, but i would be in charge of the pastry area of a small restaurant...
  5. I've been asked to open a chocolate shop
    Is with a friend but we know how to work together, this one is actually something I've been dreaming of for a while, we're gonna talk and have a meeting with another girl
  6. So maybe I will start the year with a more structured job 😬😬😬
  7. Giphy