First time in Mexico... this are my thoughts
  1. I feel way to old for this
    I payed this bus that takes you to the concert and back... everyone is like in high school... I'm 25 😑
  2. There are cool parents
    They are going with their kids!!!
  3. I'm here!!! Tons of people waiting to get in!
  4. Met this girls on the bus!
    They went alone just like me!!! Great girls! ♥️
  5. The line for the restroom is just 😩😩😩
  6. I'm in!!
  7. Antonio Lulic ♥️
    He opened the show and I think was amazing
  8. By the way he opened with castle on the hill
    Like always
  9. Put down your phones!!!
    Some people recorded the WHOLE thing!!! I mean some parts I get, I do it! But live it through your phone??
  10. He played don't mixed with new man
  11. I see fire! ♥️
    Didn't though he would play this!!!!
  12. Photograph!!
    And yes! I cried like a little girl!
  13. Since it was his first time here he payed A-team
    And thinking out loud
  14. Thinking out loud causes this
    Obviously! At one point I just had to take a picture cause it was a full on make out!! And it didn't and until the song ended 😅
  15. Sing was the "last"song and when he came back he had the Mexican soccer jersey!! ♥️
    And some one gave him a flag! And of course every one screamed so f*cking loud!
  16. He ended with you need me I don't need you
  17. It was truly one of the beta concerts I've ever been!
    He played my favorite songs ♥️