1. As many of you I make sweet things for a living
    Chocolate, cookies, cakes, candy, brownies whatever
  2. Every week I supply this sweet things to a little coffee shop
    And a few other places
  3. Yesterday I had to make brownies
    The recipe we use is the one I've been using since I can remember, maybe my mom got it when I was like 5? I don't know
  4. You would think I can do it with my eyes closed
    And usually I can
  5. But yesterday I don't know where my mind was! I made them and when I put them in the oven I knew something was wrong
    But I could not figure out what it was
  6. I went to bed still thinking something was wrong
    And it hit me!
    And I had to wake up estar early to make them
  8. So... if you don't think you can bake....
  9. Remember even the best ones have stupid, stupid mistakes
  10. 😑