Yes, another one about her
  1. My mom is the best
  2. She taught me to always be better
    And she's always given example of it
  3. She CHOSE to marry my dad
    Even if at the moment he didn't seem like the best choice he has always supported her and her dreams
  4. She is a doctor but DECIDED to stay with her kids
    But she also did things for her, and worked in church (the same amount my dad did and didn't got recognized at all)
  5. She STUDIED her masters in theology
    Just cause she wanted, with no real expectations, just to know more
  6. She graduated top of her class
    And she was among pastors from all around Latin America
  7. Now she teaches at a seminar
    And she is the only female teacher and most of her students are male (and they all want to take her classes
  8. This may not be much but I admire her deeply
    She is doing something that, at least in Mexico, not many women do, and she is in a position to change minds about our role in society and specially in our religion and she's done this in spite of tons of criticism from tons of people
  9. So to all moms...
    Be an example to your daughters! Don't hold them back, inspire them to be more!! They will be truly grateful for that
  10. Giphy