How it is normally and how it will be this year
  1. Family
    Last couple of years we haven't spent it with them since we're all across the country, but when we do we do everything together, and both sides get together at one aunts house and it's amazing!
  2. Friends
    When we stay home we always have a family over for dinner, and we go to their house for New Years! One year they even went to the family reunion!
  3. Food
    For Christmas Eve my mom always makes turkey! For some reason our friends bring spaghetti and I make some weird dessert and it's always great haha!
  4. Church
    We used to go to old church witch was a few blocks away, then we would come home for dinner mom and I would be in charge of the music so we would have Christmas music the whole month!
  5. Presents
    Nobody ever things of this... I always buy something for my family and something for me haha and we open them before we go to church!
  6. This year
    We are not going away with family, we aren't going to church, and we're not having people over ( just a cousin but he's always her anyway) and I dint bought anything for anyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯