She has the most kind heart
  1. Today she got robbed at the ATM
  2. The took her card
    No violence, she is fine but still...
  3. Later they spend the money that she has for like two or three weeks
    That money is for food for the four of us, for payments and stuff
  4. She couldn't make call from her phone so she just watch when the charges were made
  5. When she came home she started crying
    I just hate to see her like that
  6. After a while she calmed and said:
  7. Well, the money will get resolved but they probably don't have jobs, maybe they really needed it
    Obviously I don't agree with that but who does that? Who thinks of the person that robbed you! But that's what she does
  8. And now she's gonna pray from them
  9. ❤️