My boys...🙃
  1. Backstory
    Every year my family has dinner on New Year's Eve at the house of friends, this family, which I love, includes my ex... a stupid, stupid guy who I can't seem to get enough of... the rest of his family I adore! Also my brother hates the guy, but everything is pretty nice and we are having fun until...
  2. This...
    Sorry it's blurry... tequila ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm gonna break it down to explain
  3. My brother
    Don't EVER talk to my brother about serious things, he has a weird way of seeing things and for him it's the only right way, you will never win; somebody today did it...
  4. My ex
    He was the one who started the whole thing... and he is very similar to my brother, he ALWAYS wins, the world is shit and stuff like that
  5. My cousin
    Again, tequila= bad pictures, he barely talks, but he is very smart and he actually says the most smart things, always, but the other two dummies will never accept that
  6. My dad
    SEE THAT FACE! He is dying inside!!!! He used to talk to my brother a lot but he just gave up, it was a never ending circle... we all had that face
  7. Edit: I know he's ugly...
    And he's gained weight since I last saw him 😜😜😜