more than you need to know but I don't care
  1. I've always had a very hard time with my period
    But the last five or six years it got horrible
  2. PMS was just the worst
    I had to stay in bed, when I had to work I would be in terrible pain and come home crying
  3. It was so bad my mom thought I might have endometriosis
    We went to doctors and they made tests and NOTHING!
  4. Was I crazy? My brother thought so and my dad was kinda thinking that it wasn't really that bad
    But it was!!! And I wasn't crazy
  5. So I decided to change things
    I started to exercise regularly, eating better, drinking a lot of water, about I week before my period I cut soda and salty things (I don't eat them a lot but still) and I stoped using tampons and now have a cup
  6. I've been doing this for about a year
    Ups and downs but Still
  7. And this month for the first time I had absolutely no PMS!!
    No mood swings, no bloating, no cramps! NOTHING!!!!!
  8. Giphy