Gonna try to update often.... sorry if this gets weird
  1. Why bad people seem to win?
    Like in this life I'm not talking about after death or what happens next... HERE, NOW!
  2. Has anyone had a crush on an uber driver?
    Am I the only weirdo???
  3. If mosquitoes like your blood would vampires too?
    Or they would have a whole different preference?
  4. Why?
  5. What's wrong with me!!!
    I keep messing things up this week!!! 😩 two day ma ago I ruined brownies... yesterday I was late for everything and today I went the wrong direction on the subway!
  6. Do all the guys that I find attractive have girlfriends?? 😒😒😒
  7. Where do the little birds go when it's raining? I feel sad for them!! 🐦🐤🕊
  8. This couple dancing to ed sheeran's thinking out loud at their 65 wedding anniversary is the sweetest thing I will ever see ♥️
  9. Is Camila Cabello a fan of The office?
    Listen to her son "I have questions" you'll think of Kelly right away!
  10. I'll be forever grateful to the two people who told me yesterday to not be afraid to shine ♥️
    They've known me for 3 days, apart from my Parents they are the only ones that have said something like this to me