Inspired by @joemurphy and @ShawnKelly wanted to make it funny... turned out way to different but well, that's me
  1. Because I'm shy
  2. Because my mom and dad told me I could do anything I want in life
  3. Because I was the youngest kid
  4. Because I'm in a very small church
    And I've always had big responsibilities, still I love it, wouldn't change it for nothing
  5. Because my dad was a leader at church
    So I also had to be an example to others
  6. Because I can't say no
    I can, but it really hard and I end up doing things I don't want
  7. Because everyone I met from 13-16 asked me when i gain so much weight
    And the sad thing is I didn't feel fat
  8. Because many people compared me to the pretty/thin girl
    She had great grades, was popular and pretty! I had lower grades, was chubby and a loner.... funny thing i ended in better schools and finished college... se got pregnant
  9. Because I fell in love with the pretty girl's ex
    And it completely change the way I see things... now I think of her as a friend and I hardly ever talk to him it was a horrible time...
  10. Because because people expect so much from me
    My best friend and his dad (my pastor) at some point said I was wasting my brain being a baker... I should be a scientist or a doctor or something...
  11. Because my brother made things easier for me at home
    He drop out of school, got drunk and had weird friends... eventually he went back to school and now he is a great drummer
  12. Because I hate sports
    And anything that relates to that
  13. Because I love food
    Specially sweets
  14. Because I'm daddy's girl
    Not in a "buy me everything" way, in a we have an amazing relationship
  15. Because my mom...
    She is an incredible example, the most dedicated person I know, smart and loves what she does
  16. Because I think a lot of guys are kinda intimidated
    I've only really had 1 boyfriend, no one asks me on dates and when the know hear my last name they freak out (maybe this one is on my head)