But he thinks he is 😐....
  1. First of all...
    I love him and we usually get along really good, but I just can't ignore the hypocrisy! So here we go:
  2. He never helps around the house
    Because he's things are more important and it's my moms job, and he actually gets angry if you ask him to help around
  3. He doesn't have to tell us where he's going
    But my mom and I have, every time, and If we don't tell him he goes on a rant about how he is the only one who gives a shit around here
  4. He can sleep around... I can't
    But he criticizes people who say a lady is not supposed to do certain things
  5. He says pms is just in my head
    And I'm crazy
  6. He doesn't have female friends
    It's like the only reason he talks to a girl is to sleep with her... ALL of the girls I've seen over the years end up being he's girlfriends or just fade away
  7. He couldn't handle he's ex
    She was gorgeous, incredibly smart and she does work with abused women and children... he wanted more aka: some that lived around him
  8. He's always lecturing my mom about making her own decisions
    But when she does and aren't what he wants it's chaos
  9. If I get mad I'm crazy and irrational
    If he gets mad it's completely valid and with a strong reason
  10. He believes in the "marrying type"
    And we should be aware of that, if you want to get married you should try to be that way!
  11. He once told me I did not looked like a girl who gets harassed