*sarcasm sign*
  1. Recently the name changed
    Officially It was a federal district, now its a state and it's called Mexico City, this was supposed to change a lot of things but basically it just cost a lot of money to change signs and stationery
  2. The oficial color is pink
    And everything is pink
  3. Not kidding
  4. Really
  5. Women are separated for our protection
    This is on the subway, we also have special cabs (female drivers) and buses; cause it's better to keep us away from guys, they can't help it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Public restrooms
    This is the sign... 😩
  7. There is a restaurant next to a cemetery
    Maybe this is just me...
  8. It's really hard to find a trash can
    In most subway stations you they just don't exist and unless you are in a park or something you can't find one