Things everyone should do!

At least once.... according to me (and how I'm feeling today) 🤓
  1. Visit Yucatán, México ♥️
    For me it's everything, the food, the places, people; the most beautiful place
  2. Have a pet
    They teach you many, many things *bonus points if you adopt one
  3. Eat chapulines!
    Ok, a lot of you will think it's horrible, but if you give it a try you'll find it's really good and in my opinion they are a gateway for trying other insects
  4. Write about your life
    It doesn't matter if it's boring or if you suck at writing... it helps you see things differently
  5. Listen "The search for everything" by @john
    From start to finish, no shuffle, really pay attention; it's an amazing journey 😊