True stories...
  1. Nothing. Went on a vacation with his ex
    Yep, and I had to find out about it in front of my dad and mom, his parents and her mom, grandma and brother
  2. You're better with your ex
    He was talking about the first guy 😑
  3. I care to much about you and I know I ruin things between us
    After almost a year of an on/off relationship... not proud to say it was guy number 1... but really??? This is just stupid! If you do the things he did you don't really care...
  4. I really admire your dad and want to build a friendship with him, I can't do it and be with you
    WTF!! I know... this one was more of a reason not to make things official... worst thing is that he is 7 years older than me... and yes... I met him trough my dad 😬