Got a text from her today... after five months of not really talking... that got me thinking (this one is waaay to real)
  1. Not everything is about you
    If someone is telling you something LISTEN and wait till they finish to say something
  2. You have a great life!
    Your mom and dad love you so much! They put you in great schools your whole life! The sent you abroad 6 months! Be grateful!
  3. You should look into getting therapy
    Your relationships are not the best, you get in a really strange dynamic and you always cheat, the only guy you didn't cheat on was a jerk who treated you horrible and broke your heart
  4. Your boyfriends should not dictate your future
    Your plans for your life change every time you have a new relationship
  5. Not everyone wants the same life you do
    Respect that! You want a guy with money that buys you fancy things that's great! But don't force that on your friends
  6. It's ok to be bad at something
    No one is gonna think less of you, you're only human
  7. Being single is great!
    You should give a try, In the six years I've know you you have never been completely single for more than a month! Also don't be sorry for your single friends
  8. Your friends love you!
    But you make it so damn hard! Most of them feel like you only use them (us)