Requested by @Jaycer17
  1. Name
    Cristina Celis Dzib; i feel like this needs more explanation; Celis and Dzib are both last names, and Dzib is mayan and means something like writer, painter, artist
  2. Goes by
    Cris, Celis, Christopher Robin (my brother did when we were little and now when he's in a good mood)
  3. DOB/weight/height
    August 6 1991; height: 1.60 m; weight: 70 kg.... yes I'm chubby 😬
  4. Loves
    Cake, food, music, to sing, play piano (I don't really, I just mess around) family, my dogs, to read
  5. Hates
    Smelly people, most kids, mornings
  6. Will admit
    I love love! I'm a romantic and I really want the whole "partner for life" thing but I also know this is not the time
  7. Curious about
    right now I would say concerts, how they come to be, all the work and the people that make them happen; how to write a book it's something that's always on my mind, maybe one day I'll do it
  8. In the near future will
    Annoy everyone I know about Christmas and get sad cause no one seems to care about it and because it ends so fast
  9. I really want to
    Have my own bakery, build a whole thing around it, like teaching and writing.