I'll probably think of more later... I'm a weird girl! ❤️
  1. I'm afraid of Michael Jackson
    There is a story behind this... someday I'll write about it
  2. I can bend my thumb in a funny way
    Like that...
  3. Aliens scare me but I'm a huge Star Wars fan
  4. I like guys with weird birthdays
    Mother's Day (here is a specific day), brothers birthday, January first, and the one that I currently have a crush on... December 24... and once I dated a guy who's mother had my same birthday
  5. I think of my first boyfriend as a really close friend
    We talk often and we even help each other trough break ups
  6. I hear sad songs all the time!
    Even if I'm happy! I feel like sad music is way more honest, it's harder to make it
  7. Apparently I'm not very compassionate
    I have bad pms, that should make more kind to other with pain right? Well... no, my brother has really bad pain and I'm locked in my room to avoid him, and I'm kinda annoyed, my mom is doing the same thing haha! Maybe I got it from her? Maybe is the pms?