I looove it! And I really enjoy reading everything but I don't write a lot, I should make a better effort though...
  1. I don't feel creative enough
  2. I'm a gloomy person
    I have this little defect, I overthink every thing that happens to me and it gets to me, also I feel like that rubs on people, so I keep it to my self!
  3. Things aren't that great at my country
    And I really don't think people here relate to that, But maybe some do...
  4. My life is hella boring
    Don't get me wrong, I like my life and have great people in it but it's a simple one
  5. You guy are so funny and I'm like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    This one relates to number 1
  6. I'm figuring out my life and that's overwhelming
    But I guess every 25 year old feels that way 😊