He's a racist. End of. Or it should be.
  1. He's a racist.
    Yes I've just said that but it bears repeating. Yes, people change. Notice I'm not naming his criminal record because there's nothing to say he wasn't defending a deaf friend as he claimed. But his apology was disingenuous.
  2. He's still a racist.
    "I wholeheartedly apologise for any offence I’ve caused. It was a regrettable error in judgement I take full responsibility for and I accept my behaviour was not up to what’s expected of me.” Where's the bit where he assures us that the views expressed in his drunken state are not ones he actually holds? He's sorry alright. Sorry he got caught.
  3. He's had one year playing at this level.
    2014-15 he scored 5 goals (and 2012-13 one less). We are gunna pay £20m, for only the 4th time since 2010, for this? Mahrez and Vardy were the best partnership of the season in 15/16 and that's not to say that Arsenal don't have players to link up with him but why not go in for someone who has the foundation for goals themselves? There's little to suggest Vardy will return next season playing at the same level. We'd be better off going in for a young player with a good record and room to grow.
  4. He's at the far edge of his career.
    As a striker he likely has 2-3 years left in him at this level (I've seen Ian Wright brought up as an age comparison but he was scoring consistently for Crystal Palace long before we came knocking and was 2 years younger). Enough said. Why pay that much money when it's not much of an investment?
  5. His playing character is unsuitable to Arsenal.
    Call it clever all you want it's still a fucking dive. Arsenal is not a club known for tactics like this, though of course it sneaks it's way into modern day football on any pitch. Not only that but his attitude. Even Jack Wilshere wouldn't cuss a ref out the way Vardy does and I'd give him a smack if he did. He's a gritty, scrappy player whereas Arsenal have played with flare to a fault. It's a fault I prefer to keep, it's part of our character.
  6. His playing style is unsuitable to Arsenal.
    Leicester City play some wicked counter attacking football. They let the opponent play deep and then when they get possession they quickly move the ball to the other end and with some fancy footwork they seize their chance. Arsenal have countered, I think? Do we even have a goal last season on a solid counter attack? We dance outside the box for ages until we finally find an opening. Will Jamie Vardy disappear in our style of play the way he does with England? I think he will.
  7. You can't buy class.
    Besides the fact that Jamie Vardy is most certainly not class, I believe in the principle of cultivating talent, one that Arsenal has boasted over the years. One that has been getting more and more lost the further we get from our last title. We apparently have some money to spend (I've heard this before) and there are young talents available who would thrive here and help make history. Vardy seems like a bandaid solution when what we should be doing is investing in the future.
  8. Keep your racists.
    To reiterate, Luis Suarez and his pichichi can also stay far away from me. I don't care if he scored 5 goals or 50 I don't want a racist on my team.