Doing 2 concerts this weekend and am nervous/excited (list made early this a.m.)
  1. But what if I lose my voice
  2. But what if I forget the words
  3. But it's when I'm at my happiest, so that's good
  4. But what if it feels soulless
    I don't think this could ever happen but souls are tricky?
  5. But I'm so excited about it too - can I do the concert right now, actually?
  6. But what if no one in the audience has a good time
  7. But what if they think I'm fraud
  8. But what if I AM a fraud
  9. Can blood move through the body at 95 mph because that's what I feel right now?
    See also: can blood become carbonated due to anxiety?
  10. What if I show up and no ones there
  11. What if I show up and it's packed
  12. I know this blackish blue pre-dawn sky as well as I know my burgundy sweater with the holes in the shoulder