I don't like to run but I like, need to sometimes so I have to pretend I'm in an action movie when I do it. Here are just a few of the action scenarios that come up for me (song dependent):
  1. Rihanna - "Pour It Up"
    I'm a villainous Russian oligarch of some kind, sitting on a thrown, surrounded by cheetahs. Piles of money everywhere. Male strippers on chains. I have a gold tooth.
  2. Kanye West - "Black Skinhead"
    I'm a lone wolf assassin who is on a mission to bring swift, brutal justice to those who have wronged me. Crazy sword play, casually walking away in slow motion from multiple explosions, shooting my way toward a helicopter, and also the camera does that cool spin-around thing when I jump from the roof of one building to another.
  3. M.I.A. - "bad girls"
    I'm a Robin Hood-esque vigilante riding around on some kind of crazy tricked out steam punk motorcycle. I'm the captain of an all-female justice squad and we're all dressed like Rufio from "Hook"/the bad guys from "Waterworld". I have a gold tooth again.
  4. Sia - "Chandelier"
    This one I'm straight up crying in a gown and ripping a strand of pearls off my neck in a super dramatic way? Just being honest.
  5. Tove Lo - "habits"
    I'm a heavily-tattooed, embittered assassin who can't stop mourning my long lost love (he was a rival assassin, it was complicated) so I try to drown the pain with vodka and there's a shot of me falling to my knees and screaming in the rain but it's like not cliche and the camera does that cool spin-around thing again.