"I'm just a girl, I'm just a girl in the world." - Arthur Miller
  1. "Sorry just got this!"
    Nice try. PS: I do this all the time.
  2. "Sorry I thought I replied to this!"
    I also do this all the time, often times even for real.
  3. "Sorry I got a new phone and lost all my contacts! Who is this?"
    Classic. One of my favorites. Big fan. But come on - it's 2015, let's get serious.
  4. Gluten allergies
    I was gluten free for 6 months and I looked like a glamorous skeleton but that's it?
  5. Psychics
    If you can see the future, why do you live in a weird van? You just like, couldn't deny fate or something?
  6. The Kardashian genetics.
    I don't think bodies work that way in nature? Possibly just jealous?
  7. This list.
    It started as a text thing but then turned to gluten and psychics and the Kardashians? Oh well. Just free-stylin', I guess.