Note: this can also be done on other nights. And in other cities.
  1. Play incredible music with incredible people for a few hours (casually sipping champagne throughout is a nice touch as well)
    Realize halfway through for the 1000th time that this is you at your happiest, always, even when you mess up some of the bits on piano.
  2. Hug your friends who you haven't seen in 6 months so tight your shoulder blades hurt
    Feel free to grab their ears and threaten to eat their entire face.
  3. When you can't bear to be in your dress and heels any longer, let someone pick out an outfit/costume for you to borrow for the remainder of the night.
    Letting someone pick out an outfit/costume for you from their own closet is incredibly telling as to how they secretly envision your inner most thoughts and treasures I think? He picked out a neon camouflage onesie and a backwards black baseball cap for me to wear. I felt deeply known/honored by his choice? It may've been blind luck.
  4. Turn on Sia and dance until you feel like you may explode into a cloud of glitter and pearls and feathers.
    Start with "chandelier" don't be an amateur.
  5. Pause the music and play a round of "2 Truths and a Lie."
    The rest of the group tries to guess which one of the three "facts" about yourself is the lie. This game is an endlessly fascinating character study.
  6. Turn on Donna Summer and continue dancing.
  7. Have at least 3 intense conversations.
    Be reminded that we're all a bunch of tall children trying our best to seek control and love. Even the coolest of the cool are just looking for a skirt to cling to. Heart swells, eyes water, warm glow spreads.
  8. Watch the sun rise and pinch yourself as you drift off to sleep.
    Humans (and Sia) are great.