1. When did you arrive?
  2. Ohhhh, how was Venice?
  3. Where are you staying?
  4. The Punta della Dogana was fantastic.
  5. Me too. Interesting moments, but nothing really struck me.
  6. How long are you here?
  7. Oh, you're staying in Zurich. That's smart.
  8. Do you always stay there?
  9. What have you seen at the fair?
  10. That market is so undervalued.
  11. That market is so overvalued.
  12. I don't understand his market.
  13. A lot of Picabia. A real moment.
  14. Incredible.
  15. A lot of Bourgeois.
  16. Such a great artist.
  17. Amazing.
  18. What did you think of Unlimited?
  19. I can't believe how crowded it was this year.
  20. Did you go to Beyeler?
  21. Did you get into any trouble at Design?
  22. I saw people swimming in the Rhein. Gross.
  23. The rain is terrible.
  24. But it's so much better than the heat!
  25. Do you have time for a sausage?
  26. I can't have another sausage.
  27. I can't eat even one more spear of white asparagus.
  28. I can't have vitello tonnato four nights in a row.
  29. Yes, Donati tomorrow night is perfect.
  30. What are your plans for the summer?
  31. That's right, you always go to Italy, I forgot. So nice.
  32. Will I see you in Aspen?
  33. Will I see you at the Kunsthalle bar later?
  34. Ummmm, no, but maybe a drink at The Three Kings?
  35. I overdid it at The Three Kings.